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Cancellation Policy

  • Pre-scheduled work can be canceled up to 24-hours in advance without any penalties. Any work canceled within the 24-hour period prior to the scheduled date and time will be subject to a 50% labor cancelation fee with a $40 minimum.

  • If we are unable to complete an estimate due to incorrect access information or inability to contact the homeowner or property manager, a $40 missed appointment fee will be assessed.

  • If the homeowner and/or a homeowners representative are not on site for a scheduled estimate and no prior arrangements have been made, the estimate will be deemed missed and a $40 missed appointment fee will be assessed.

  • Any property with unattended pets cannot be entered without prior agreement. I love animals, but like people every animal is unique and the risk of injury to us or an escaped animal is not worth the risk. If I arrive at a property with an unattended, undisclosed animal, it will be considered a late cancellation and be subject to a  50% labor cancellation fee.

  • Day of/emergency work can be canceled without a penalty until one hour prior to the scheduled time. Any work canceled after that will be subject to a $65 cancelation fee and a potential mileage charge if I have already departed for the worksite.

  • I understand that there are extenuating circumstances and no two cancelations are alike. As such, I reserve the right to decide whether a cancelation fee is applicable or not.

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